Top 10 fallacies of critical thinking answers

London 3rd edition. Cambridge 2nd edition. The Logic of Real Arguments. An Introduction to Critical Thinking and Creativity:

Top 10 fallacies of critical thinking answers

Even if we only teach the concept of Red Herrings 7 Below then that may be enough right here, right now. The claim is the statement of belief or an opinion. The argument is then the reasons provided so that our claim will be accepted as true.

By giving a name to the arguments that DO NOT actually back up a claim as a TRUE claim, we gain power… we know what to look out for… we focus on the claim without getting sidetracked and only the arguments that count.

This program uses flexible scripts and flexible roles to accommodate varying group sizes. Clips from our test run are below. This is an attempt to rebut a claim by criticizing its source or something about that source.

The claim may be true no matter who said it! Sometimes the qualifications, reliability, and honesty of a person are rightly considered when assessing a claim.

The attempt to refute a position by distorting and exaggerating that position. This could also be a fun one to explain to your kids.

Someone says carrot cake is excellent dessert. The straw man attack would be: All this just so he can sleep on a bed of cake and rid the world of bunnies. Clearly he is wrong and I am right.

Carrot cake is terrible dessert… it can only lead to ruin. This is an attempt to be right simply because you are being loud and angry. This fallacy can be found hand-in-hand with number 2 above. In fact, I inadvertently applied it in my example above.

This is exactly what it sounds like. It is an attempt to care someone into believing something. Again, this could be a fun one to explain. This is also known as overgeneralizing. We are coming to hasty conclusions when we make generalizations from evidence that is merely anecdotal.

If you live near or work with any Muslims, you likely know that there is a difference between a Muslim and the fanatical Muslims that do horrible things. In this fallacy our loyalty to a group affects our judgement.

The red herring is something that gets us off track.

Top 10 fallacies of critical thinking answers

We chase that herrring and lose site of what we were talking about in the first place. Another word for this one is smokescreen.

We are committing this fallacy when we put more trust in what we want to be true than in what we have sufficient evidence for. These fallacies are applications of simple-minded examples of cause and effect.

It rained just as I took my sneakers off and you said my socks were stinky, therefore, stinky feet causes rain. Watch this with your kids.

Watch this with your kids and see what they think! What was done here to twist the story? And notice that George said a lot in the interview, but most of it ended up on the editing room floor.

One of the key things to address here is the concept of rhetorical devices and emotive force. Many times rhetoric employs the use of layers of unstated meaning to influence the beliefs and attitudes of others.

One way this is accomplished or attempted to be accomplished is via the use of powerful and biased emotive force. It should go without saying that just because you are using or hearing rhetorical devices, the claim does not need to be dismissed.Study The Power of Critical Thinking: Effective Reasoning About Ordinary and Extraordinary Claims discussion and chapter questions and find The Power of Critical Thinking: Effective Reasoning About Ordinary and Extraordinary Claims study guide questions and answers.

Multiple examples are given of logical fallacies or other failures in critical thinking, so that you will know how to respond. This course can easily be finished in one day with an hour of video and over a hundred pages of handouts.

Logic and Critical Thinking Course packet Instructor: John Davenport Fall please indicate on the top of your assignment who you worked with.

Work should be divided equally in such groups. Also, realize that there is a risk that 10/ Informal Fallacies continued [Happy Rosh Hashanah] (1) Damer, Attacking Faulty Reasoning.

Critical Thinking and Identifying Logical Fallacies. The following arguments contained various kinds of fallacies.

Top 10 fallacies of critical thinking answers

We had to formulate each fallacy into an argument. In this interview for Think magazine (April ’’92), Richard Paul provides a quick overview of critical thinking and the issues surrounding it: defining it, common mistakes in assessing it, its relation to communication skills, self-esteem, collaborative learning, motivation, curiosity, job skills.

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