The tribal scars

Subcultures The significance of the scarification process and resulting scars varies from culture to culture. Among the cultural groups in these areas scarification has been used to emphasize the permanency of social and political roles; ritual and cultural values; rites of passage and age-grades; eroticizing the body; promoting sexual attraction and enhancing sexual pleasure; group and cultural identity; spiritual relationships; and aesthetic values. It has also been used as part of medicinal and healing rituals, as well as demonstrating the ability to endure pain.

The tribal scars

When westerners do it, you say "some nice tattoos you got there " If Africans do it, you go " You look scary! Oh my God you must be a barbarian" Has it ever crossed your mind that some people may consider circumcision, which is a part of your Igbo culture I am also Igbo as Barbaric genital mutilation?

I wander what you hope to achieve by posting this "your latest discovery" here. Are you guys not tired of all the The tribal scars incitement and derogatory comments you have been making here?

Na waa for unu. Biko don't compare the removal of a mans foreskin,a practice most Nigerians including Yorubas,Igbos,all Jews and many other people do to those deep eleven eleven ,ugly grooves on peoples faces.

That act ought to be banned,it is very cruel for a parent to subject a child to such scarifications in the name of culture. That is no culture,that's pure stupidity and ignorance As Ignorant and stupid as female genital mutilation carried out by some ignorant parents in the East,west and North of Naija Tattoos don't even compare.

Most tattos are hidden by clothings but these ugly marks are on faces. Some Igbos also have small scarifications at the temples,not cute but not very prominent. Those thick Oyo type with 5 horizontal above 5 vertical ones are unforgivable in this day and age They need to be made illegal,some adults have to live with the embarrasment of answering questions especially here in the states.

I met a physician the other day,a female with 2 long unsightly deep grooves on both cheeks. And circumcision ain't no igbo culture.

My biology teacher told me that circumcision is even a good thin' when a child is born. They believe it protects smone from enemies, stuffs like dat which is superstitious.

Even some yorubas make fun of other yorubas with tribal marks. Tattoos are self inflicted while tribal marks are inflicted on innocent children who have no say in the matter.

That was not the correct analogy. Chiogo, male circumcision has been a part of Igbo culture for as long as Igbos can remember.

They practiced it before the influence of Christianity. It may also be part of other people's cultures, but the point I was making was that the people who do not practice circumcision may view it as wicked and barbaric.

Circumcision was in practice long before all the medical researches started saying that it may be good after all. May be similar researches on tribal marks may also come up with the merits of tribal marks. I heard you say. Babyo, since most people hide their tattoos, how then are you able to tell who has got a tattoo?

Do they display badges instead recognising them as tattoo bearing people? The fact is that most tattoos are on full display for all to see.

The tribal scars

I have seen people that look like chameleons with all the tattoos on their bodies. The facial scarification culture may be out of tune with modern times, but that does not mean that it should be classified as "stupid and no culture" I believe that the culture of tribal marks is fast fading as more and more people get less cultural.

I still believe that there was no point in posting this topic as it would only serve to exacerbate the ethnic animosity that already exists here. Chigo and Babyo, you guys made some good points about tattoos and tribal marks.

I don't know where you live,truth is that most tattoos can be covered by clothing,most are small and are not the first thing you see when you see the individual. Many athletes,actors and many professionals here have tattoos but in work clothes,they disappear.

Those chameleons you talk about are bikers,tattoo artists and freaks. You agreed to the main issue earlier and then did a It is illegal to give a tattoo to a minor,here in the states.

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Most people with these unsightly facial scarifications in Naija get them when they are still latched on their momma's bossom. That is a huge difference,they didn't ask for such a barbaric identity feature.

It ought to be banned. Either way if you really want to learn and not just looking for a way to yarn dust. The former main intention was to show where a person was from in "Yoruba Land" hence the various types of tribal marks considering we were known according to the land and not just the similarity in language.The wiifu of Nakombga: these are the scars exlusively reserved for princes which consists of two facial scars from the cheek to the chin one right, one left; 3.

The lemde or scarification chin is in the form of a cross on the chin 4. "Tribal Scars" is a short story in which Ousmane presents a theory of how tribal scarring first began. It begins with a group of men sitting around a . Tribal Scars - Kindle edition by H.D.

Lynne, Iain Macintyre. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Tribal Scars.

In the process of body scarification, scars are formed by cutting or branding the skin by varying methods (sometimes using further sequential aggravating wound healing methods at timed intervals, like irritation), to purposely influence wound healing to .

Tribal Scars. Author. Ousmane Sembéne taught himself to read and write French. He was born in in Senegal. stolid.

having or expressing little or no sensibility.

The tribal scars

lithely. with flexibility and grace; easily; athletically. bulwark. the side of a ship above the upper deck. galley. Mar 28,  · Well Toughness scales with level, Tribal Scars looks like it will never go over +6 HP. I was actually recommended to take the feat for a life link oracle build.

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