The saudi arabias ministry of labour research objectives

Department of Commerce, GOI. These licenses are for projects in diverse sectors such as management and consultancy services, construction projects, telecommunications, information technology, pharmaceuticals, etc. Several Indian companies have established collaborations with Saudi companies and are working in the Kingdom in the areas of designing, consultancy, financial services and software development. On the other hand, as per available data, Saudi Arabia is the 48th biggest investor in India with investments from April to Juneamounting to USD

The saudi arabias ministry of labour research objectives

The aim of the councils is to activate the public-private partnership and resolve challenges that obstruct further economic growth in carrying out the ambitious plan outlined in the National Transformation Program NTP and in Saudi Vision The initiative will help support government entities in order to understand the needs of the labor market and also to involve the private sector in designing and implementing nationalization solutions as well as increasing the number of good job opportunities for Saudi nationals in various sectors.

The establishment of the councils attempts to improve cooperation among representatives of the private sector, companies, chambers of commerce and public entities in order to lay out effective policies that overcome various issues and to exchange best practices in the empowerment of the sectors so that they can achieve their growth objectives.

The ministry said the councils would increase joint cooperation between the private and public sectors and tackle crucial issues involving the number of Saudi workers in the private sector, the lack of a reliable database on private sector workers, low productivity, lack of creativity and skill-sets in the private sector as well as the presence of expats in certain sectors.

At the same time, the NTP is seen as a step toward realizing Saudi Visionwhich will help to achieve economic development in the Kingdom by setting a number of objectives to carry out its objectives.

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The plan is expected to usher the Kingdom into the digital age, enhance the public-private partnership, generate job opportunities and expand the local content through the implementation of initiatives that focus on both economic and social development fields.The only research, training and service facility in the Kingdom.

Joint venture between the Ministry of Health and King Saud University, with state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and services.

It has research facilities, and orthopaedic assessment equipment, biomechanics, and gait laboratories.

The saudi arabias ministry of labour research objectives

The main objective of this research is to assess e- Labour and social services. • The Telecommunication Infrastructure Index is a composite weighted average of five and ministry sites.

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Saudi Arabia in was placed on 58th position in the world with EGDI value of Research paper problems: 2 Study objective & Purpose: 3 The total Saudi population as of stands at million, compared with 20 million Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and ministry of higher education in Saudi Arabia are among the major reason for unplanned settlements.

For example, in , Saudi. Recent draft: Business Leadership in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia It is noteworthy to mention that expatriates working in Saudi Arabia will need a prior approval from the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Interior to resume work in the domestic market.

Employment & labour law in Saudi Arabia – Lexology. Employment & labour. Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission | SACM SACM. Home; About us. This selection aims to meet the demands of labor market in Saudi Arabia by creating a highly qualified and skilled workforce.

The prime objective of KASP is to qualify Saudi youth so that they can effectively contribute to the national development across all fields.

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The Saudi. Arab News. Arab News PK; and the Ministry of Labour and Social Development will increase housing units to very needy families from 10, to , and the Saudi Arabian General.

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