The differences between a tour operator

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The differences between a tour operator

As we have talked about the main difference already. A travel agent only plans or organizes the trip. He does not accompany travelers or tourists. Moreover, a travel agent help the tourists in buying tickets, telling them about promotional offers on ticket purchase. Some travel agents are also private retailers.

They advertise various hotels, places, resorts of different counties or cities to their customers. For this, they charge money, of course. They even pay services to the travelers on behalf of all these hotels, resorts or even rent-a-car services.

Difference between Travel Agent and Tour Operator

So, they actually sell products on behalf of suppliers. They even tell the travelers about discount offers. So, the travel agent is a person who works under a private or public retailer and provides the tourism and travel related services to others on behalf of the company under which supervision he is operating.

When it comes to tourism and travel facilities then all kind of facilities comes under this area like car rentals, hotels booking, railway or airline reservation, cruise lines etc. The working system of modern day travel agents has been reshaped to much extent. Now in addition to providing the ordinary tourism services, these provide the system for making travel arrangements for commercial and business purposes as well.

The designation travel agent itself describing a person working as an agent.

The differences between a tour operator

So, being an agent, the source of income of travel agent is the commission that he is paid by the agencies for which he is working. In addition to earning commission against bookings, he also received benefits and bonuses from the tourism and travel companies as well. Money exchange, travel guide, travel insurance and likewise other services can also be the mode of earning of travel agents as well.

In short, the basic role of travel agent is to work as an agent for sale and administration of the packages of the company under which supervision he is working.

There are specialized tour operators as well. Like for one distinct country, there will be a specialized tour operator, who knows almost everything about that place.

Tour operate also supply travelers with a complete package of residency, transportation and even flight. So, tour operators basically create pre-packages holidays for the travelers. So, a tour operator actually plans out the tour or holiday.

He book tickets, a hotel, destinations, flight, transportation and even food! You can also ask for a tour guide. Their responsibility is to provide your vacation with all the necessities.

Just like a travel agent, travel operator deals in the combined business of travel and tourism. Most of the operation of travel operators are linked with the sale and purchase of tickets and the visa process.

Some travel operators provide the other facilities to their clients as well in the shape of arranging special trips for their clients.

The differences between a tour operator

Some common types of tour operators are inbound tour operators, outbound tour operators, domestic tour operators, group operators and destination management companies.A tour operator typically combines tour and travel components to create a package holiday.

A travel agent is a private retailer or public service that provides travel and tourism related services to the public.

Difference Between Tour Operator and Travel Agent The main difference between a tour operator and a travel agent is that tour operator is the person who is actually responsible for the planning of the trip/tour package while travel agent is the person who is involved in selling the tour package.

Tour operator is directly responsible to the regulatory authorities while travel agent is first responsible to the clients and then to the travel operator.

In term of legality and liability, travel agent comes at first position to answer the clients while travel operator has secondary liability in this regard.

The Difference between Tour Operators and Travel Agents At times there can be confusion about the difference between tour operators and travel agents and what exactly makes them different or what roles they play in the planning of your vacation.

Like any specialized industry, the travel world can be full of confusing insider lingo that's difficult for ordinary people to understand. In this blog post, we break down the differences between a Tour Operator and a Ground Operator, .

Differences in a Nutshell. Travel agents act on their own with prospective travelers while tour operators act as a middleman between the two. Travel agents become part of packages provided by different agencies, while tour .

Difference between Travel Agent vs Tour Operator