Starhill reit financial analysis

Orderbooks should recover as infrastructure accounts for half of total spending, signs of which have reappeared in The potential recovery leads us to shift our preference to SMM, the most levered play on production unit demand recovery in Asia.

Starhill reit financial analysis

The properties are then leased out to tenants in return for rent. Aside from that, investors also stand to benefit from the capital gain as the property value increases.

Suntec REIT is known for their commercial real estate portfolio.

Singapore REITs Index

Before you can invest in local REITs, you will need 2 accounts: Brokerage account If you have been investing in the stock market, then chances are you already have both the accounts. All you need is to know the code of the REIT you are interested in, and purchase it via your online brokerage platform or by calling your broker.

You can go straight to a local brokerage firm directly to apply for both accounts in a single seating. The turnaround time takes less than 7 working days depending on your broker. ETFs are passive funds that aim to emulate the results of an underlying index. The index is a free-float market capitalization weighted index which is reviewed bi-annually in March and September.

For more information you can refer to: The geographic breakdown is represented in the image above. Probably due to the lack of options they have in the market, most of them assume that all REITs are equally safe and that the only difference is the dividend payout they will receive.

The truth is, REITs investors face the same risks as any other stock investor.

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Hence, there is a need to do your due diligence and study the REIT that you are interested in. Here's a quick summary if you its too long to read: As with all real estate investments, valuation of the REIT is important.

So why would you want to overpay for REITs? This outlook can refer to any macro trend from interest rate and regulatory trends to industry and economic trends. For example, we know that the global economy has been slowing down in the past few years.

Because of this slowdown, it has indirectly impacted the rental market in the office REIT industry, leading to negative rental reversion.

Starhill reit financial analysis

Another example of macro trend is the rising importance of data centres as corporations begin to harvest data to implement data analytics. This directly increases the demand for data centres.

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These rental incomes are then distributed to the shareholders after accounting for expenses. This gives REITs a bond-like feature of quarterly dividend payments to shareholders, just like the quarterly coupon payments that bondholders receive.

On the other hand, REITs also behave like a stock where speculation, better valuation and forward outlook can push its share price higher to give shareholders capital gains. These capital gains can be driven by any catalyst. Thus, one important characteristic that good REIT investments need to possess is the growth element.

Stock investors should be quite familiar with the idea of growth stocks. Good REIT investments should continue to be growing its net income on a year-on-year basis. Growth can come in two forms:There are 9 REIT in Singapore with a combined market capitalisation of S$ billion are included in the newly launched FTSE ST Singapore Shariah Index.

The property assets of the REITs, span industrial, e-commerce, commercial and retail space.

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Starhill reit financial analysis

Today's topic which I am going to talk about is the Singapore Savings Bond ("SSB"). It is a type of government bond that is fully backed by the Singapore Government which makes it one of the safest instruments to invest in.

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