Hp logistics and supply chain management

Share through Email Distorted information from one end of a supply chain to the other can lead to tremendous inefficiencies: How do exaggerated order swings occur? What can companies do to mitigate them? Its sales at retail stores were fluctuating, but the variabilities were certainly not excessive.

Hp logistics and supply chain management

Married with 4 boys aged 17, 6, 4, and 2 Angelo has a busy and rewarding home life neither a euphemism for challenging though…. With role responsibility across HSQE, Logistics, Assembly and Fabrication, Supply chain coordination and administration, Manufacturing engineering, order processing, permutations, Fleet, Facilities management and Procurement, Angelo finds his biggest challenge is effective and productive time management and as such his best tool is face to face interaction with people and fostering collaboration to drive strategy into performance.

His first foray into the supply chain was as a buyer, so Procurement is close to his heart. Ariane Roos Partner Synergie Inspire action, improve results together and make work more fun.

Hp logistics and supply chain management

That is the vision Ariane used in her different senior management positions, with proven results. Ariane frequently writes articles about this topic and speaks fervidly about it at conferences. After 15 years of senior management positions, Ariane recently became a partner at Synergie, a consultancy firm working on creating inspiring organizations with impact.

Inspired employees are over twice as productive than satisfied employees. Let alone dissatisfied employees. How do you lead with purpose?

To enable your teams to work with passion Hp logistics and supply chain management and are inspired to action? That they want to grow personally, but also as a team, and by doing so also growing the organization.

Synergie works on inspiring organizations with impact. Organizations which deserve the attention of the labor market instead of asking for it, and know how to convert this ambition into concrete impact.

We combine 25 years of experience with the insights of 10 years of research to the most inspiring companies. In her last management position within Philips, Ariane empowered the local Customer Services team, comprising of people Field service engineers, Technical Support, Call Centre etc.

By getting this responsibility, it inspired the team to take that extra mile, and also dramatically increased employee satisfaction. At Vodafone, where she was responsible for the Small Medium Enterprise segment customers of FTE and Internet of Things, she transformed the teams from SIM-card selling to solution selling, using the Vodafone way of mobile working as a role model for customers to adopt.

As an inspirational leader, Ariane improves results with a stronger team, connecting with all layers in the organization. With her technical background she analyses processes in order to be able to make data-driven decisions for improvement, whilst having the empathic leadership to convince and lead the team towards improving these processes.

Ariane Roos is a frequently asked speaker at conferences where she passionately speaks about inspirational leadership: His research focuses on how to assess the present—and especially the future— logistics and supply chain capabilities; how to map and design the supply chain based on strategic and logistical assessments from the early phases of product design.

At Aston University he led the development of the Supply Chain Readiness Level Tool to assess the maturity and the capabilities of supply chains. My industrial engineering career started in Detroit Michigan where I had the privilege to work with the big three and others related companies.

Later I would move to Germany to work as a program manager for a European automotive supplier. In I decided to move from automotive to medical device manufacturing. In I was asked to lead a Strategic Sourcing initiative for Ossur and today I am overseeing all sourcing, procurement and planning activities globally.

He has extended experience in S. He is father of 3 boys aged 19, 18 and 12 years old, the first two of which are studying Chemical Engineering and Business Administration in University of Patras.

Hp logistics and supply chain management

Benedicte Crosnier Director Global Supply Chain Operations Alstom Currently Director of Global Supply Chain Operations at Alstom, Benedicte has a deep experience in integrated Supply Chain transformation, Operations and performance improvements in international environments with tangible top line and bottom line impacts.

He started his career at Starbukcs Turkey, managed many successful projects, like turnkey delivery model, incity logistics etc. Throughout his career related to many different facades of supply chain management including supply chain optimization, service levels improvements, and bottleneck removal from the processes.

Currently, he is managing daily operations, he has got hand on optimisation and development projects over three years. He is self-motivated, driven, well-equipped in cross-functional and cross-industry environment with national and international experiences.

He got ability to understand business needs, see the coming changes and adapt himself and his organization, with well-regarded analytical skills. Good at service-oriented architecture and describes himself, as a supply chain network builder.

Shifting twice between China and Europe, he has worked in 4 countries moving along the entire supply chain. He gained experience in emerging markets and led teams through challenging SAP-implementations and post-merger integration projects. With the focus on building high performance teams, Bjoern has been engaged in various business process optimization and transformation projects.

Currently he is heading the supply chain function for the Hartmann Group globally and leading the team through a SC transformation. He works with medium and large organisations in all geographic regions, with a particular focus on Europe and Asia.

He was the head of several expert teams within the consultancy and was also involved in business development.Supply Chain Management is one of those research domains that will always have research opportunities and research topics for dissertation and thesis.

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The secret to succeeding in a disruptive world. When CEOs think about the supply chain, it's usually to cut costs. But the smartest leaders see supply chain and sourcing for what they can be: hidden tools for outperforming the. Department of Industrial Engineering So, what’s a Supply Chain?

A supply chain is the collection of processes and resources required to make and deliver.