Global wine market to 2017

The wine market is huge, largely dominated by the European and North American countries. The wine consumption is declining in the traditional markets. It is growing rapidly x4 since in the Asian markets.

Global wine market to 2017

Messenger Recent figures in the annual report of the International Organisation of Wine and Vine OIV confirm that the world wine industry is undergoing considerable change. In particular, long-dominant European nations are finding their positions strategies challenged by the emergence of countries such as China, both as producers and consumers.

Globally, demand has risen slightly, to million hectolitres mhldown from its peak of mhl in but up from the low of mhl inand there are signs of long-term growth. Yet per-capita consumption is stable or slightly falling among the French, Spanish and Portuguese — once upon a time daily wine-drinkers.

What has more than filled up the gap is the global market, with occasional consumers around the world drinking wine one to three times per week. Wine is finding new customers in countries with large populations.

In the early s the US market was ranked sixth in the world, but by it had climbed to the number-one spot, at A substantial market has already been established in Brazil, in spite of the negative economic trends inand there are great expectations in India, still to be confirmed… With these new markets, often being driven by emerging local production, the number of wine-producing countries is also increasing.

The example of Australia is most familiar, but fewer with the experience of countries such as Canada. In fact, consumption in Canada has been rising steadily for some years.

Global wine market to 2017

The government is making efforts to stimulate national production and hopes to be able to export Canadian wine. China on the rise China is leading the industry shake-upby virtue both of its size and determination.

Either way, China is now the sixth leading consumer of wine in the world In the country overtook France now with kha and now second only to Spain kha. China is expected to overtake Spain in the next five years. Vines are grown in dozens of provincesincluding Shandong, Hebei, and Tianjin, as well as the autonomous regions of Xinjiang, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia.

Whatever the country, where there is local production consumers tend to favour it. As they become more familiar with wine, they begin to try those from other countries, and this represents an important growth lever for international trade. Although how we consume wine is shaped to a large extent by cultural context, knowledge of the world of wine, the techniques for analysing its sensory qualities, and trends set by certain internationally known experts also play a part.

Countries with newer wine industries must therefore introduce their wines to other countries while steadily building recognition and a kind of wine-making pedigree.

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This too has the effect of stimulating international trade. France continues to lead by value For the French wine industry, while the landscape has shifted the foundations remain solid.

The figures confirm that French wines are perceived and purchased as high added-value products, and France continues to excel at capitalising on the quality of its wines. While Spain is the leading exporter by volume, the price of Spanish per unit remain low on the international markets, with a total value of just 2.

This is a reflection of what the French industry has been able to convey to wine lovers the world over in terms of image, quality and diversity. An increasingly strategic approach is being developed, including specialized research schools.September 9th, It is The Wine Festival in China!

Jul 16, Starting September 9th, Alibaba Group is hosting The Wine Festival! On its B 2 C platform its inaugural Global Wine & . Samples (FAQs about samples):Delivery: Files are delivered directly into your account within a few minutes of purchase.

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OIV - Global state of conditions report: developments and trends. April