Experiencing politics and the 2016 presidential election a study conducted among female environmenta

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Experiencing politics and the 2016 presidential election a study conducted among female environmenta

Background and Objectives of the Study Indonesia has marked an average annual growth rate of 5. On the other hand, poverty still prevails in rural areas, and the widening gap between the rich and the poor is one of the major challenges of the country.

It plays an important role to supply food, rural income, and employment to the population. Based on this objective, the new administration which started in October puts a high priority on food security.

RPJMN aims at equitable growth and focuses on narrowing income and regional gaps. It also mentions the needs for development of agribusiness, sustainable agriculture and benefits for farmers, especially strengthening rural area for small-sized agricultural processing, improvement of competitiveness of agricultural products and value addition.

JICA Japan International Cooperation Agency has implemented projects centered on partnership between Japanese and Indonesian local governments and proposal-based projects by Japanese local governments and private companies. Japanese local governments and private entities possess knowhow in promotion of local industry and sophisticated agricultural technology.

Therefore, it is expected that partnership between local governments of the two countries and utilization of technology that private companies have can contribute to strengthening competitiveness of and adding value to agricultural products of Indonesia.

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The present study hereinafter called the study aimed to collect necessary information to consider future cooperation projects for agricultural development in Indonesia through promotion of partnership between local governments and technology expansion by Japanese private companies.

The information to be collected included the following: Guiding Principles First, it is imperative to develop partnership between Indonesian and Japanese local governments in a way that becomes a win-win solution for both sides. If there is little merit in the partnership for either side, it would not be sustainable.

Second, this study carefully analyzed the international situation related to agriculture in Indonesia and promoted partnership between Indonesian and Japanese stakeholders in a way that prioritized areas of Japanese comparative advantage.

Third, the study targeted partnerships at two levels: In other words, while partnering private entities was promoted on a trial basis, it was equally important to obtain knowledge and lessons on how local governments should support such a partnership.

Schedule The study was conducted from March to December, During the 1 st Survey in Japan March-Aprilselection of Japanese local governments was implemented, studying their agricultural situation, agricultural promotion policies, and needs in collaboration with Indonesia.

In the 1 st Survey in Indonesia May-Junebased on the recommendation by the Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia, selection of Indonesian local government was made, visiting each candidate local government.

Study Team interviewed on their agricultural situation, agricultural promotion policies, and needs in collaboration with Japan, and shared the information on Japanese candidate local governments.

Based on the expressed interest of Indonesian local governments, in the 2 nd Survey in Japan, the Study Team visited candidate Japanese local governments to share the information of Indonesian candidate local governments. By this time, four potential partners were identified.

In the 2 nd Survey in Indonesia July-Auguststakeholders of candidate Japanese local governments visited their prospective partner Indonesian local governments to examine the way to collaborate.

In the 3 rd Survey in Indonesia September-Novemberstakeholders of Japanese local governments again visited their prospective partner local governments, and they discussed concrete contents of partnership. Overview of Strategies of Agriculture and Livestock Sector in Indonesia Development of agriculture and livestock sector in Indonesia is conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Current Strategic Plan of this sector puts emphasis on; 1 production and productivity improvement especially, rice, maize, soybeans, sugarcane, and meat2 food diversification, 3 improvement of competitiveness and value addition, 4 provision of raw materials for bioenergy and bioindustry, and 5 farmers welfare.

Based on the current strategies, situations on agriculture and lovestock sector in Indonesia, and interviews and discussions in this study, the needs to collaborate with Japanese local government and private sector are assumed to be in production and productivity improvement, post-harvest, freshnesskeeping, food processing, and 6 th industrialization, utilizing Japanese technology and knowhow.

Although there are needs in Indonesia, there are some bottlenecks for Japanese small and medium-sized enterprises to set up business in agriculture and lovestock sector in Indonesia. Second, there are complicated procedures to have the recommendation letter from the Ministry of Agriculture which is necessary to obtain the the Principle Permit from the Investment Coordination Board.

Experiencing politics and the 2016 presidential election a study conducted among female environmenta

Some of these were introduced to overseas through local governments and JICA. Matchmaking Results and Future Direction of Collaboration The results of matchmaking and exchange of five cases are summarized in the table below.

Agriculturecommerce-industry collaboration for fruit products 2 Minamiboso City - Tomohon City Theme: Roadside station for agriculture and tourism development 3 Ochi town, Kochi Pref. Suburban agriculture promotion through "Gastropolis" concept Contents Introducing "Fukushima Model" for stable provision of high quality raw materials, and developing Fukushima-Batu brand targeting domestic and international markets, which streamlines value chain and shares higher values among stakeholders.

HRD for business partner in the course of the programs. Contributing to increasing and stabilize farmers' income and regional economic promotion.

Can be a model of collaboration in Indonesia. Benefiting Fukushima with brand label usage fee and import of raw materials: Developing a roadside station with 4 functions: Contributing to increasing and stabilizing in farmers' income; and agriculture and tourism promotion Can be a model combined roadside station and traditional markets.

Aiming at future business partnership utilizing unused local resources, paying attention to the local value. Business development by introducing technologies and know-how; increasing and stabilizing farmers' income; and HRD of administrators for regional development.

Future business development by HRD of business partners; and promoting "local production for trading" policy. Starting from exchange of human resources; considering partnership for the future utilizing the similarity of both cities.Search among more than user manuals and view them online regardbouddhiste.com Nov 10,  · As Mr.

Trump pulled ahead in the Electoral College count, many female Clinton supporters said they were experiencing a depth of loss and frustration that some of the women, especially the young. Accounting for connections among various factors, the most useful predictors of stress were sex, political party, religion and perceived impact of the election on close relationships — more so.

The sum, which makes Mrs. Clinton among the wealthiest of the presidential candidates, could create challenges for the former secretary of state as she tries to cast herself as a champion of everyday Americans in an era of income inequality.

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