Essay on pros and cons of having a credit card

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Essay on pros and cons of having a credit card

Back to All Blog Posts The Pros and Cons of Credit Cards Making a purchase with a credit card can be exhilarating and rewarding one moment and regrettable and binding the next. To own or not to own—that is the credit card question.

While credit card debt plagues millions of Americans, just as many thrive on the flexibility and ease of paying with credit.

Essay on pros and cons of having a credit card

Obviously, the magic of the little plastic card is not right for everyone. Take a look at the following pros and cons for credit cards to decide whether or not you should make the swipe. Credit Card Pros Convenience.

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The fact that most major stores and most minor ones accept Visa, MasterCard, and Co. Lunch tabs and Lamborghini rentals could both be taken care of by a simple swipe. You name it, and a credit card can purchase it. That reason was good enough to spark digi-pets, and it is good enough for credit card applications, too.

Watching your friends pay for meals with their American Expresses makes you feel pretty worthless when you break out your US Bank debit card to foot the bill for your soup and salad special. Owning your very own piece of plastic provides a sense of belonging, serving as a platinum membership card into the world of commerce and retail.

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For college kids, owning one is a step towards adulthood. For adults, having one makes you feel like a true American. Either way, the pressure to fit in has a big say in whether or not you make the plunge. You worked long and hard to find the last copy of Pirates of the Caribbean in that Circuit City bargain bin, and you deserve every purchase point you get from paying on credit.

Depending on your card, the rewards can vary, but the good news is that there is such a wide variety of options that you are bound to be able to find the right card to fit your lifestyle.

There are cards that offer plane tickets, sports merchandise, and good old-fashioned cash. Others build up a stockpile of points for cardholders to use to get whatever their hearts desire.

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Spending has its benefits new jeans, perhapsbut spending with credit has benefits that go beyond mere denim. The key part to using a credit card to build credit is keeping up with payments.

Having a credit card does no good if you fall behind on payments or rack up an unconscionable amount of debt. Acting responsibly on your account, however, will help you build a credit score that reflects dependability and accountability. Credit Card Cons Late payments. By far, the most dangerous part of credit cards is not paying them off on time, and for many, this problem is a constant temptation despite its obvious negative consequences.

Once you fall behind by one payment, the climb back to a debt-free account becomes harder and harder. Often as a result of late payments, many people find themselves sunk in credit card debt with no way out.

Credit card companies are great at getting customers in the door, but once you fall behind with payments, the companies make it nearly impossible for you to climb your way out.

Between fees and charges and piling interest, the matter seems to continually get worse, not better. If you cannot keep up with credit card payments, then owning a credit card is probably not for you.

The disadvantages to not paying on time are innumerable, and the odds of staying debt-free are not in your favor.Pros And Cons Of Using A Credit Card Hsbc Bank Malaysia Berhad Advantagest And Disadvantages Using A Credit Homework Academic Credit Debit Cards Personal Finance Mrs Brewer Ppt Advantages And Disadvantages Of Credit Cards Essay; Advantages And Disadvantages Of Credit Cards Ielts Essay;.

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Credit Card Debt Relief. Credit Counseling. How We Paid off Massive Debt; Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning a Home 2. Reviewing Your Credit Report 3. Make a Budget and Start Savings carefully consider the pros and cons of homeownership. When you think about buying a home, many questions will come to mind.

Do I really need to buy a. Pros and Cons of Credit Card Consolidation/ Counseling 1) The biggest Pro is that you may get a lower interest rate by consolidating the credit card debt on multiple credit can shop around for the cheapest rate which will reduce your monthly outgo.

Most of us think technology is pretty awesome—that is, until you go on a late-night fast food run and the drive-thru voice tells you that the credit card machine is down (and of course you have no cash to pay for your burger and fries).

There are pros to having a cell phone in school such as allowing students to make after-school arrangements, ensuring student's safety and allowing students to use the phone's camera for school projects; however, the cons include distracting students from learning, allowing students to cheat on tests or quizzes and offering students a chance to make bomb threats.

At a credit union, credit cards, home equity loans, mortgages, auto loans, and personal loans all enjoy lower rates than you will find at a bank. At the same time, savings, checking, money market, and CD’s have higher rates.

Credit Cards: Cons of Using a Credit Card