Delta airlines past present and future essay

Prehistoric Egypt and Population history of Egypt There is evidence of petroglyphs along the Nile terraces and in desert oases. In the 10th millennium BC, a culture of hunter-gatherers and fishermen was replaced by a grain -grinding culture. Early tribal peoples migrated to the Nile River, where they developed a settled agricultural economy and more centralized society. The Badari culture and the successor Naqada series are generally regarded as precursors to dynastic Egypt.

Delta airlines past present and future essay

After studying this expanded discussion, you should be able to: Understand the approach to financial statement analysis. Identify major analytic ratios and describe their calculation.

Explain the limitations of ratio analysis. Describe techniques of comparative analysis. Describe techniques of percentage analysis. What would be important to you in studying a company's financial statements?

The answer depends on your particular interest-whether you are a creditor, stockholder, potential investor, manager, government official, or labor leader. For example, short-term creditors, such as banks, are primarily interested in the ability of the firm to pay its currently maturing obligations.

In that case, you would examine the current assets and their relation to short-term liabilities to evaluate the short-run solvency of the firm. Bondholders, on the other hand, look more to long-term indicators, such as the enterprise's capital structure, past and projected earnings, and changes in financial position.

Stockholders, present or prospective, also are interested in many of the features considered by a long-term creditor. As a stockholder, you would focus on the earnings picture, because changes in it greatly affect the market price of your investment.

Delta airlines past present and future essay

You also would be concerned with the financial position of the firm, because it affects indirectly the stability of earnings.

The management of a company is concerned about the composition of its capital structure and about the changes and trends in earnings. This financial information has a direct influence on the type, amount, and cost of external financing that the company can obtain. In addition, the company finds financial information useful on a day-to-day operating basis in such areas as capital budgeting, breakeven analysis, variance analysis, gross margin analysis, and for internal control purposes.

The accountant's function is twofold: The focus of the textbook is the measurement and reporting functions of accounting. But communication in accounting means more than just preparing the reports: To promote understanding, accountants, as well as other interested parties, analyze and interpret financial statements.

Basic Financial Statement Analysis Objective 1: The relationships are expressed numerically in ratios and percentages, and trends are identified through comparative analysis.

A problem with learning how to analyze statements is that the means may become an end in itself. There are thousands of possible that could be calculated and trends that could be identified.

If one knows only how to calculate ratios and trends without understanding how such information can be used, little is accomplished. Therefore, a logical approach to financial statement analysis is necessary.

Such an approach may consist of the following steps: Know the questions for which you want to find answers. As indicated at the beginning of this expanded discussion, various groups have different types of interest in a company. Know the questions that particular ratios and comparisons are able to help answer.

These will be discussed in the following sections. Match 1 and 2 above. By such a matching, the statement analysis will have a logical direction and purpose. Several caveats must be mentioned. Financial statements report on the past.Nov 26,  · Research paper past or present tense html pdf download assignment topics for strategic management confidentiality agreement template word journalism dissertation examples connect psychology mean formula with example polyclinic business plan medieval times essay introduction.

The result of each of these policy changes has affected future asset values and present and future income. 1. What are some of the possible reasons why Delta Air Lines may have extended the lives of flight equipment and changed the residual values for depreciation purposes four times since ?

Other partners: Alaska Airlines, Aerolineas Argentinas, Avianca, China Airlines, China Eastern, Gol, Hawaiian, Jet, Kingfisher, Malaysia, V Australia. Tiers: The Delta Skymiles program is unique in that it has three tiers of awards: low, medium, and high.

You can mix and match awards, but the system prices then are a la carte. Essay on Delta Airlines: Past, Present, and Future - Delta Airlines: Past Present and Future Delta Airlines have transformed over the decades.

They started out as a crop dusting company, blossomed into an airline company, fought litigations, went bankrupt, then resurrected it and merged with Northwest Airlines to become one of the biggest. In the more current alterations, Delta implemented fair value accounting in the spirit of the ‘new beginning’ after it got back on its feet after bankruptcy.

Each of the changes in the policy has influenced the asset value in the long term as well as the present and the future revenue streams. Institutional Setting and Carrier Viability in the Airline Industry 5 deregulation in the context of the industry’s performance over the past decade and hopefully to provide forward-looking insights to the long-run sustainability of the airline industry.

Delta airlines past present and future essay
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