Deforestation should be banned essay

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Deforestation should be banned essay

Deforestation Should Be Banned in the United States Deforestation As a brief description to the study, deforestation pertains to the removal or eradicating forest in a particular area and then coverts the place into an urbanized community for settlement or for economical value.

As a background, deforestation is likely to be the cause of changing our climate over a period of time affecting the society such as socio-economic welfare.

The presence of deforestation to any particular place in the world sparks environmental issues and concerns for the reason that it disrupts the chain of ecology where natural habitats are currently settling in the forested areas.

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Industrial factors accounts for the progress of deforestation activities for the reason that commercial companies utilize forest land as a form of income generating projects as a source for their commodities and services.

Damage of forests across the world particularly in the United States halves the American living standards, in which there will be significant economic impact that can employ scarcity of resources for human needs such as food and shelter according to Matthews Many powerful personalities around the world are now concerned with the environmental hazards due to the increasing number of documented hazards that are frequently occurring to any parts of the world, which endangers more people.

There are different kinds of ecological benefits that are produced by the nature which sustains our physiological needs, in which fruit bearing plants as well as edible plants nourishes our body and helps us to maintain our optimum health. Logs from the forest are utilized as protective shelters or construction materials such as housing furniture facilities and home building that secures families from outside hazards such as criminal attacks or intruders as indicated by Thompson Plants and herbs that are found across the forest are alternative drug substances that provide herbal treatment for specific diseases such as cough, skin ailments, and reduce other related morbidity rate.

Human survival index will likely to increase due to the increased exposure of humans with pollution and environmental hazards that are brought about by the continuous deforestation activities that preserves nature. Discussion and analysis of the Study As a positive overview of the study, deforestation should be banned in the United States because it causes huge impact to the society, economy, and against to the environment such as accelerating the strength of natural disasters such as tropical cyclones that destroys life and costs billions of dollars.

Deforestation should be banned essay

The extent of endangered species will be decreased when deforestation will be banned because the presence of forest areas across the United States will help the current population of endangered species to increase their numbers while living in the wild as claimed by Hogan The process of environmental hazards will be decreased because the presence of forest balances the environment by neutralizing natural disasters such as landslides along the slopes of hills and mountain areas across the country.

Forestation has a big impact for the American economy because forests are one of the most important resources that support American lifestyle such as eating regularly in order to survive.

Pollution will be one of the greatest threats in our society as deforestation progresses because nature will not be able to sustain environmental balance that is one of the main reasons why we are now experiencing climate change such as global warming.

Permitting deforestation in the United States does not affect the population of endangered species because there are natural wildlife organizations and facilities that cater all kinds of critically endangered wildlife animals that aim to increase their population. Environmental hazards can be prevented by mobilizing disaster management authorities of the United States to provide information and dissemination for the American people in preparation for all kinds of natural phenomenon such as tornado outbreaks and hurricane.

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People should not rely only with the forest to help fight against the presence of natural phenomenon because they should take responsibility for their own security to avoid environmental related hazards such as casualties, injuries, and property damages.

As a refutation for the argument of this study, deforestation should still be banned in the United States because even if there is technology that supports environmental issues, it is not still enough to sustain economical, social, and environmental stability that are more propagated by natural process.

Even a small portion of the land have been cultivated, it is still a sign of deforestation for the reason ecological damage has been produced which is the starting point for the destruction of forest that gives life to the society.

Deforestation is a catastrophic event for the remaining wildlife creatures living in the forest even if there are facilities that saves animals because animals still needs wildlife habitat to naturally increase their population.

The presence of natural forest across the United States and around the world is significant in controlling the occurrence of natural disasters such as powerful hurricanes, in which the presence of vegetation neutralizes the air pollution as well as holding the soil from erosion activities.

Education and information activities seems to be inconsistent because it can only manifested when there are incoming weather hazards to the community that makes people to forget these kinds of hazards for a long-term process.

It is true that human discipline is a factor that contributes global warming; however, deforestation accounts for the environmental hazards because diminishing natural forests decreases ecological balance to the society leading to more frequent natural disasters as indicated by Anderson Implication and Recommendation of the Study It has been learned in this study that deforestation has produced more disadvantages to all kinds of biological diversity that is composed of supporting cycle to maintain healthy life structures between living things in the planet.

In this process, the level of destruction may seem to be increased because there are many factors that will be negatively affected upon the progression of deforestation occurring in all parts of the world particularly in the… READ MORE.Global Deforestation Essay Global Deforestation [pic] It is impossible to overstate the importance of humankind's clearing of the forests.

The transformation of forested lands by human actions represents one of the great forces in global environmental change and one of the great drivers of biodiversity loss. May 15,  · Words: Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Deforestation can also lead to soil erosion, and more silt in rivers, streams, and behind dams throughout the deforested area.

Biological diversity, including many unique species and ecosystems are lost, as well. Logging legally or illegally is another factor in the deforestation of the earth’s rainforests. Over 80% of the world’s rainforest have been destroyed and degraded by logging.

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Deforestation has so many negative consequences on the environment. One of the most immediate effects is the loss of habitat of many species of animals. Thus, deforestation can alter the earth’s biodiversity making a lot or rare species even more extinct. Deforestation Should Be Banned in the United States Deforestation As a brief description to the study, deforestation pertains to the removal or eradicating forest in a particular area and then coverts the place into an urbanized community for settlement or for economical value.

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Deforestation should be banned essay

Many cities have passed local Words; 3 Pages; Deforestation In Amazon Deforestation in the Amazon There are a lot of ecosystems in the world and the forest ecosystem plays an important role in the biosphere.

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