Compare and contrats of feminist therapy and reality therapy

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Compare and contrats of feminist therapy and reality therapy

Skinner and Albert Bandura believed behavior is the result of what is learned from experience Corey, Whereas Skinner believed environmental influences control people, Bandura believed people are goal-oriented and have specific intentions and purposes.

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He believed the basis for learning is observing others. Traditional behavioral theory is based on the concepts of classical and operant conditioning and that learning produces behavior Corey, Inappropriate or abnormal behavior results when learning is based on maladapted learning, or learning as a result of maladaptive reactions.

Cognitive theory CT claims faulty and maladaptive thinking causes psychological disturbances Corey, If the thinking can be corrected, so can the resultant disturbance. Cognitive processes determine how people emotionally experience and react to their environment.

Ward wrote that Ellis believed individuals "have a tendency towards becoming aware of their irrationality and working steadily towards rationality" p.

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In cognitive therapy, clients learn new and more effective ways of thinking Corey, In therapy, clients explore maladaptive thoughts and learn to replace them with new rational and appropriate thinking Corey, The primary difference between these two theories is the emphasis on overt behavior in behavioral theory and in cognitive theory, the focus is on cognition or individual thought processes Corey, Skinner and Albert Bandura.

Skinner based his experiments on rats and pigeons from which he theorized humans behave according to reinforcement by their environment.

It may be interesting for students to note the context within which Skinner was raised. Siegel claims Skinner describes it as confining, puritanical, and an incredibly restrictive environment. His theory was, perhaps, the beginning of a bridge between behaviorism and cognitive-behavioral theory Corey, As explained in Corey more contemporary forms of behavioral therapy broadened and became more closely aligned with cognitive behavioral therapy.

Compare and contrats of feminist therapy and reality therapy

Albert Ellis played a distinct role in developing cognitive therapy for his clients. His original training was in traditional psychoanalysis but he found helping clients to change their thinking increased their overall progress.

He developed rational emotive behavior therapy REBT based on the idea that "people contribute to their own psychological problems, as well as to specific symptoms, by the way they interpret events and situations" Corey,p. He believed integrating therapy toward the interactions of cognitions, emotions, and behaviors was the most beneficial approach to psychological problems.

Additionally, the therapist helps clients develop a "rational philosophy of life" Corey,p. Developing such a philosophy is a tool that clients continue to use to prevent a return to irrational thinking.


Beck believed the quality of the relationship was central to successful therapy and that "effective therapists are able to combine empathy and sensitivity, along with technical confidence" Corey,p.Write an essay on computer world homeless essay conclusion essays on homer c wright mills sociology imagination essays le consentement en droit des contrats dissertation soneto amoroso definiendo el amor analysis essay.

Feminist therapy was developed in response to the many challenges women have faced throughout history. The understanding that women may experience mental health issues as a result of psychological oppression is a core concept of feminist therapy. Search among more than user manuals and view them online Compare And Contrats Of Feminist Therapy And Reality Therapy.

History and people associated with REALITY THERAPY What Is Reality Therapy?It is a therapeutic approach that focuses on problem- solving and making better choices in order to achieve specific goals.

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It is focused on the here and now rather than the past. Gestalt Therapy vs. Reality Therapy The essence of the Gestalt Therapy is to enhance the individual's self awareness of sensation, perception, bodily feelings, emotion and behavior, in the present moment.

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