Compare and contrast pride and prejudice and great expectations

Compare and contrast the two proposals and Elizabeth's reaction to them. In Pride and Prejudice, the main female character - Elizabeth is shown to have extreme pride towards the main male character - Darcy.

Compare and contrast pride and prejudice and great expectations

Manhattan acts as the Foil to both Rorschach and Ozymandias.

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Watchmen is full of these. Rorschach and Ozymandias are very obviously foils, since their lifestyles, methods and ideologies are the exact opposite Rorschach is apathetic while Ozymandias is empathetic, Rorschach is ugly while Ozymandias is handsome, Rorschach lives in squalor while Ozymandias is rich, Rorschach is Asexual while Ozymandias might be homosexualetc.

Another obvious pair is Nite Owl II and Manhattan, enhanced by Laurie having had a relationship with both of them Dan is receptive while Jon is distant, Dan is out of shape and middle-aged while Jon is in perfect shape and eternally thirty, etc Batman and The Joker.

The Joker is possibly the only villain who Batman cannot defeat through his M. The two are also philosophical foils in The Killing Joke. The Joker is a Nietzsche Wannabe who believes life is one big joke and the only way to deal with that is by giving in to madness.

Batman is an Anti Nihilist who also believes life is meaningless but decided to create his own purpose. Batman and Deadshot is another example. Both come from affluent backgrounds, but while the former had to deal with the loss of their parents, the latter had to deal with the loss of his brother over the abuse of said parents.

While Batman is an Anti-Hero who fights crime for the sake of justice, Deadshot is an Anti-Villain who often kills those worse than him for the sake of money.

Compare and contrast pride and prejudice and great expectations

Superman and Lex Luthor. They are the two most influential people in Metropolis by a long shot. Superman and Brainiac as well. The former is an alien who has allowed himself to become fully human.

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The latter is the very cold, remote, and incredibly dangerous alien that people like Luthor expect Superman to be. Superman and General Zod as well. Superman is the ultimate immigrant, bringing the best of his homeland to his new world, and standing for the peaceful synthesis of culture through understanding.

Superman representing the idea that people are basically good, Darkseid believing that people cannot be trusted with their own free will. In short, Hope Bringer versus Hope Crusher. Supergirl and Lobo in the Red Daughter of Krypton storyline. Says writer Tony Bedard: Tangling with Lobo will show her one path she might go down.

Charles Xavier and Magnetoas well. Former friends with similar goals acceptance for mutantsbut vastly different philosophies and methodologies helping humanity and proving their worth in the process vs.

Spider-Man and Green Goblinwhere the foil occurs in their completely different characters and social status.

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Black Bolt and Maximus. Captain America and Red Skull. The other is the ultimate Nazi. Iron Man and Mandarin: Being opposites on the Tech vs Magic scale.

Additionally, where Tony is the ultimate futurist and is firmly ensconced within capitalism, The Mandarin is a feudalist who longs for a return to the past.Students compare / contrast third person omniscient and first person narratives, e.g.

the party scenes from Chapter 18 of Pride and Prejudice and Chapter 3 of The Great Gatsby. Aug 21,  · (I've only read Great Expectations and Pride and Prejudice) Attitudes to money is obvious.

Comparing Mrs Bennet to Miss Havisham could be fun, particularly in terms of what they want out of their daughters' marriages (i.e. status, money vs Status: Resolved. Read Great Gatsby in Comparison to Catcher in the Rye free essay and over 89, other research documents.

Great Gatsby in Comparison to Catcher in the Rye.

Compare and contrast pride and prejudice and great expectations

Great Gatsby vs. Holden Caulfield The Great Gatsby written By Fitzgerald is a novel about people, mainly Gatsby’s idea.

Reach your academic happy place with access to thousands of textbook solutions written by subject matter experts. Sep 14,  · Elizabeth Bennett: Pride and Prejudice: Jane Austen: Elizabeth is humorous, sensible, and gentle.

She is very firm. almost stubborn, to her opinions. Jane Eyre: Jane Eyre: Charlotte Bronte: Jane is very wild but tamed in the society of Lowood, giving an appearance of Status: Resolved.

Sep 14,  · i would compare estalla to elizabeth because they are both strong women. and i would say that tess most sortoff resembles the grown up jane eyre. baceuse they both loved their guys and would have accepted them any way that they Resolved.

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