Branding strategy and brand extension analysis

Designing and Implementing Branding Strategies Designing and Implementing Branding Strategies Customer based brand equity is created when brand knowledge comprising of brand awareness and brand image are at highest level in customer mind. Brand awareness level is raised in customer by first understanding consumer taste, preference and present level of awareness. This analysis leads to designing of marketing programs and outcomes of those programs are also recorded. Designing of marketing programs is a complex process as it may have to encompass wide range of product and brands.

Branding strategy and brand extension analysis

Brand Management Brand Strategy Branding is one of the most critical aspects of business strategy and provides a sustainable competitive advantage. The digital economy has made it easier for small businesses to gain access to branding experts and leverage branding in a meaningful way.

What is Brand Strategy? To understand brand strategy, one must first understand branding. In simple terms, branding is the process of quantifying the value and authenticity of an organization, product, or service. It is a clear set of characteristics, benefits, and attributes that define a particular brand.

Many people are often confused about branding and marketing. Branding is what drives marketing because branding is strategic and marketing is tactical.

In contrast, brand strategy defines rules and guidelines on how, what, where, when and to whom you communicate your brand messages. A well-defined and executed brand strategy leads to a consistent brand message, a strong emotional connection with customers, and higher brand equity.

Branding strategy and brand extension analysis

A brand strategy is essential because it provides clarity about the competitive landscape, market position and customer expectations. This information is critical to develop effective marketing strategies and to fine-tune marketing messages to maximize your competitiveness and build strong brands.

How We Can Help We help businesses of all types develop their brand strategy by learning about their business, history, and goals. We understand that branding goes way beyond just a business logo or color scheme.

Our Approach We develop brand strategies that clearly identify short-term and long-term goals, communication channels and impact on brand equity.

The brand message is refined to make sure it is aligned with the mission and values of the brand. A clear brand message is a key to bridge the gap between brand strategy and brand messaging.

BREAKING DOWN 'Brand Extension' A weak or nonexistent association can result in the opposite effect, brand dilution. Even worse, if a brand extension is unsuccessful, it can harm the parent brand.
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We start by learning about you, what makes your business unique, your strengths and weaknesses, competition, target audience, and opportunities. We perform a comprehensive review of your marketing communications to evaluate your existing brand identity.

We identify and define attributes that set your brand apart from competitors and how to leverage these attributes to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Branding strategy and brand extension analysis

We use our keen understanding of digital, social and mobile marketing as well as traditional marketing to develop a brand message that is consistent and coherent with the overall brand strategy.

We review visual identity elements such as logos, taglines, and colors to make sure they align with your business objectives. We then develop a comprehensive branding strategy and a new brand identity incorporating changes identified by the brand audit and discovery sessions.

We make sure that marketing strategy is aligned with the branding strategy.Learn to create products and brands that customers love. Explore a hands-on approach to product development, applied customer research, competitive mapping, case study analysis, positioning, communications, and the development of creative branding strategies.

Brand Strategy is often overlooked but it’s something that can mean the difference between success and failure as you move forward into brand systems. Strategy encompasses all the intangibles that really animate a brand – personality, promise, and position.

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Branding Strategies and Brand Extension. Brand-product matrix looks to explain brand portfolio and brand extension strategies.

In the matrix all products offered under different brands are represented by a row. This helps marketers understand the current brand line and explore further opportunity in expanding the product line.

Definition of a Brand Strategy. A brand strategy is a formal plan used by a business to create a particular image of itself in the minds of current and potential customers. When a company has.

Brand Extension Brand extension is a marketing strategy in which an organization that markets a product or service with a well-developed image uses the same brand name but .

Designing and Implementing Branding Strategies