Bank performance

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Bank performance

Share via Email "People ask, when will bankers have enough? But it's not about the money. It's a highly addictive status game. Pay marks your status in the organisation. This is why there is no saturation point.

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For the past year I have been trying to get banking staff working in human resources to talk to me. The inspiration was this revealing interview about what it's like to fire people.

It proved very, very hard to find other people in human resources to speak to this blog, perhaps because it falls to them to fire bankers for secretly speaking to journalists? Anyway, at last the banking blog can present its second human resources officer.

His full interview is here and Kilian is coming into the comment thread to discuss his points further with you. Bank performance has left banking for good and is now a university lecturer and consultant, hence there is no need for anonymity.

Kilian raises a number of really interesting points. His main argument is here: Professional tennis players operate on a level playing field with their opponents, using the same surface and balls, the same wind speed.


Their performance can be measured. But now you are the CEO at a major British bank. Tomorrow the pound crashes and your bank has the worst year in history.

Bank performance

That is far beyond your control. I am not saying CEOs or bankers are clueless gamblers in a casino. On the contrary, you need skills to be a good banker, absolutely. What I'm saying is that finance is simply too complex, with too many unknown unknowns and too many crucial factors beyond an individual banker's control, to adequately measure their yearly performance.

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Is this a self-serving illusion? And yes, you can often attach a number to their activities. But that's not the same. Because those performance numbers inform the system of 'variable compensation' or bonuses and that's how they keep score! It's the point in the hierarchy of an organisation where performance becomes essentially impossible to measure and other factors become decisive.

Bank performance

Whether you're a 'fit', if you know the etiquette at a networking event, play golf, know how to talk about the news in the right way … Many women don't get that, and try to work twice as hard.

This means they miss out on the very social events that determine their career prospects. There are great and very honest insights into the culture of banking.

Over there is a long line of sweaty people and you are walking past all that, with your platinum card. Have you noticed that people in business class are far more likely to look at passengers making their way to economy class?

They want to be seen sitting in business class. I never catch people in the first rows of economy class doing that. Here is a guide on how to use this banking blog. For insiders there is this index of interviewees ranked by activity.Banks looking to optimize their performance need to focus on their branch density in each market – some markets need more branches while others may require a complete pullout.

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In a concise format, it shows the impact of management decisions and economic conditions on a bank's performance and balance-sheet composition.

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Bank of America reported earnings Friday morning. The company increased revenues and profitability, despite a steep decline in trading. Performance Appraisal, Employee Appraisal, Bank, Personal Bias, Effectiveness.

Abstract Performance appraisal is the process of determining and communicating to an employee how he / .

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