Assessment of needs and care planning

What happens after the assessment? How do I get a care need assessment? Get in touch with the adult social services department of your local council and ask for a care assessment also known as a needs assessment.

Assessment of needs and care planning

It describes the treatment, potential side effects, and signs and symptoms of recurrence.

Holistic Needs Assessment and Care Planning

It is designed to be shared with the person living with cancer and their GP. The Treatment Summary aims to inform the GP and other primary care professionals of actions that need to be taken and who to contact with any questions or concerns.

The person affected by cancer also receives a copy to improve their understanding and to know if there is anything to look out for during their recovery.

Assessment of needs and care planning

This can include information that is essential for updating their records and for conducting a Cancer Care Review. These are a well established method of classifying and recording disease status and treatment activity in an electronic format. A copy of the Treatment Summary is retained in the patients case notes so medical staff can access the patients information easily if they are admitted back to hospital after their primary treatment is complete.

Treatment Summaries can be completed on paper or electronically. Macmillan provides paper based templates for Treatment Summaries in the form of refillable triplicate packs that are easy to use and free to order from be. Macmillan also develops and updates electronic Treatment Summary templates that are hosted on leading secondary care systems such as Somerset Cancer Register and InfoFlex.

If you use an in-house cancer information management system and would like advice about adding the Treatment Summary template, or for any other information please contact the Recovery package team.

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Back to contents Cancer Care Review This is a discussion between a patient and their GP or practice nurse about their cancer journey.

It helps the person affected by cancer understand what information and support is available to them in their local area, open up about their cancer experience and enable supported self-management. When delivering a CCR some patients may be accompanied by a carer and, with permission from the patient, they can act as an advocate when discussing their care.

A carer can often help turn any recommendations into manageable solutions for the person they care for. Our Ten Top Tips for carrying out an effective CCR can help ensure they deliver benefits for both patients and professionals. As a result, the current experience of a CCR for the person affected by cancer can be variable.

Back to contents Health and Wellbeing Events Health and Wellbeing Events are designed to help people affected by cancer and their family and friends get the support they need during and after cancer treatment.

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Health and Wellbeing Events can provide information and support on: Benefits and other financial support How to get back to work Diet and lifestyle.Care Plan: Based on the comprehensive needs assessment, the care manager will assign members to a care level, develop a care plan and facilitate and coordinate the care of each member according to his/her needs or circumstances.

A care planning conference is a meeting where staff and a resident and/or family members talk about life in the facility, including meals, activities, therapies, personal schedules, medical and .

B-CARE is a streamlined version of the Continuity Assessment and Record Evaluation (CARE) Item Set, which is being considered for use within the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) Initiative.

Carers have a right to an assessment of their needs and can be supported through an agreed plan to support the important role they play in the care of the person with dementia.

This will include good-quality, personalised breaks. Furthermore the assignment will analyze the effectivity of multidisciplinary working in needs appraisal and attention planning and besides show critical apprehension of safe guarding and .

A care planning conference is a meeting where staff and a resident and/or family members talk about life in the facility, including meals, activities, therapies, personal schedules, medical and .

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