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Anthropology essays online

Later when I was older I realized my grandma was Lithuanian, and over time my great grandma got better at speaking English. She would make me breakfast, and call it Lithuanian pancakes. The recipe for Lithuanian pancakes has been passed down from family members for over six generations in my family.

Lithuanian pancakes are also called depression pancakes, water fried pancakes, and ancient greek pancakes. The pancakes were referred to as depression pancakes, these pancakes were made out of water, flour, and sugar all of the ingredients were common to have on hand, and were inexpensive.

It was a way for families to feed their whole family when food was scarce all over the world. My great grandmother was taught how to make these pancakes from her mother Anthropology essays online the great depression.

My great grandmother taught my grandma, and my grandma taught me how to make these pancakes that my family calls Lithuanian pancakes Duncan. The life of depression pancakes, these pancakes were made when food was scarce around the world.

The depression pancakes were used all over the world during the great depression. My great grandmother loves having butter on hers, because it was a treat when she was growing up to have butter on hand Duncan.

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The life of water fried pancakes, it turns out that water fried pancakes was a different name used for the depression pancakes. So the water fried pancake name was born. The pancakes were implemented all over the world to feed the majority of the population during the great depression.

Through my extensive research to find these pancakes online I found out that the proper name for the many different named pancakes is Ancient Greek pancakes.

The Ancient Greek pancakes have taken on many names since the time they were originally made, such as Depression pancakes, Water fried pancakes, Hoe cakes, and even Lithuanian pancakes.

To many people it would be an insult to tell them that this food dish is actually a recipe from ancient Greece. Many people only know the pancakes by one specific name, however they are all the same type of pancake Nenova. The pancakes were meant to be ate in the morning as breakfast, they would not serve them after dawn.

These pancakes are a lot like crepes, but they are a bit thicker. The pancakes would have honey and different types of nuts on them for condiments in Greece.

There has been ancient greek potable ovens discovered, they look like small pizza ovens. The pancakes were cooked in a very similar way that they are cooked today in modern times Nenova.

In modern times such as today the recipes for the Ancient Greek Pancakes are much different now. Around the world where food is abundant, people have made modifications to the pancakes, by adding in dairy products, and even switching the flour to cornmeal in some cases.

Back in the great depression, the pancakes were made with water, and a little oil. The main purpose of this dish was to feed a large family with as little food as possible. The pancakes have taken on very many different ways of being made, but I think food dishes evolve with the human population.

When the Ancient Greek pancakes were originally made they were intended for breakfast, and considered a treat. Now in the United States, and across the world these pancakes are once again made for breakfast and considered a treat.

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Most cultures have dishes that are very similar to other cultures dishes Nenova. These pancakes are sort of like a universal food in a way, so many different cultures are making the pancakes without knowing where they actually come from.

The pancakes have evolved over time with the cultures they were being used in. I never really knew how much culture food dishes have, each dish has a story or many stories behind them. Recipes are passed down generations of families, and we are able to track down specific dishes all the way back to where they originated.

Why did this dish become so popular among so many different cultures? Most evidence points to the idea that during the great depression many areas were suffering from food deficits.

This dish was easy to make, and only needs two dry ingredients flour and sugar with some water to make pancake batter.Essay Sample on Anthropology What is Anthropology? Anthropology takes its roots in the Greek language and the modern name of the science was first used by Magnus Hundt, the German philosopher that was studying the definition of Homo Sapiens.

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Anthropology essays online

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It provides an introduction to the kinds of writing that you might encounter in your anthropology courses, describes some of the expectations that your instructors may have, and suggests some ways to approach your assignments. 9 days ago · cooking essay topics thesis on energy meter.

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