An overview of the steps to become a naturalized citizen

As a citizen, there are a multitude of rights and privileges you can enjoy, such as the right to vote, the right to run for elected office, and the right to worship and express yourself as you wish.

An overview of the steps to become a naturalized citizen

These people can become citizens of the United States by going through the legal process outlined below. What is a citizen? A citizen is a person who is recognized as legal member of a country. Rights of a Citizen Citizens of the United States have certain rights.

They can vote in elections, run for public office, work for the government, and are protected by U. Who can become a citizen? In order to become a citizen a person must first legally immigrate to the U. Immigrants can apply for a permanent resident card called a Green Card.

In addition, immigrants must be 18 years old, have demonstrated good moral character, be able to speak and understand English, and be willing to take an oath of loyalty to the United States.

Application Once an immigrant is eligible for citizenship, they fill out an application called an N form. It can take a while, sometimes more than a year, for the application to be processed.

An overview of the steps to become a naturalized citizen

Fingerprinting The person applying will then be asked to be fingerprinted. Their fingerprints will be processed by the FBI in order to check on their background and make sure they haven't committed any major crimes.

Interview The next step is to be interviewed by an immigration officer. The officer will ask the person personal questions about their job, home, family, and background.

They will be tested on their ability to read and write English. They will also be tested on their knowledge of the history of the United States. There are around possible questions that they may be asked.

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The applicant can get the questions ahead of time to study. Example Questions Here are a few example questions: What is the supreme law of the land?

Senate and House of Representatives How many U. This is generally taken in a courtroom with a number of other people. In the oath the person promises to obey the laws of the Constitution and to defend the United States.

Once they have taken the oath they receive a Certificate of Naturalization and are officially a U. They are called "native" citizens.

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People who immigrate to the country and then become citizens are called "naturalized" citizens. Some people may be eligible for citizenship without reaching all the normal requirements. Children under 18 can become naturalized citizens if their parents file an application on behalf of the child.

Aroundpeople legally become U. Activities Take a ten question quiz about this page.

An overview of the steps to become a naturalized citizen

Listen to a recorded reading of this page: Your browser does not support the audio element. To learn more about the United States government:This article serves as a general overview of the process of becoming an American citizen.

Providing correct responses and the timing of certain applications can affect your progress in becoming a naturalized citizen.

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Becoming a U.S. citizen using Citizenshipworks is easy and safe. We are the only online naturalization service that guides you through the application process from start to finish.

And we connect you with online or in-person help, if you need it. Aug 01,  · In a "botched" investigation, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement kept Davino Watson, a U.S.

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citizen, imprisoned as a deportable alien for nearly 3 1/2 years. Example of Mexican One-time use Visa that is placed onto a passport for entering Mexico to complete the Residente Temporal process.

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