An observation of the workout rituals at the gym

The Morality of Fitness: Katie Rose Hejtmanek, Ph.

An observation of the workout rituals at the gym

Tweet Ever notice the odd rituals that many professional athletes across all sports have in preparation for competition? This preparation is huge in baseball, for example. Think Garciaparra and how ritualized his at bats were.

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Many fighters slap themselves from head to toe or pace around the cage in predictable ways. First of all, it seems to help simply get your head in the game.

An observation of the workout rituals at the gym

In my strongest days I did pretty well on pull ups so I tested this. Is there something else behind this performance effect? A study published this month in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning seems to think there is. The researchers chose performance on vertical leap as a means of testing various preparation activities.

An observation of the workout rituals at the gym

What they found was very interesting. The researchers looked at three different preparation strategies: They looked at all three methods together and independently, and each improved both the performance of the vertical leap and also the activation of muscle tested by electromyography.

The stretching and the squat improved vertical leap significantly more than the warm-up did all by itself. Now this might fly in the face of how you prepare.

A heavy back squat before training for a leap? However, this effect seems to be because of potentiation of the muscles. That basically means your body becomes primed for the activity.

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Your muscles and nerves are more prepared for action. The potentiation is different from the possible psychological effect of a mentally priming ritual like opening and closing your gloves before swinging a bat.

This would be more like GSP sprinting across the cage and leaping into the air before every fight. And if it works, then why not?

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It appears then, the issue of preparation rituals is a complex one. From psychology to physiology there seem to be many factors influencing a is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want.

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