An introduction to the analysis of advertisements

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An introduction to the analysis of advertisements

This is a phrase that most women across the globe seek to fulfill everyday of their lives. They exercise, put on their jewelry, pick out their outfit for the day and, most importantly, apply their makeup.

However, there is something to be said about natural beauty. Putting on makeup does not mean that a woman necessarily has to give up her natural appearance and transform into a different person.

It means that a woman should be able to use makeup that enhances her natural and beautiful features at an affordable price.

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This campaign highlights the importance of natural and angelic beauty and embodies the idea of simply enhancing that beauty with a little bit of their makeup.

The many celebrities that they have chosen in order to promote this campaign in their advertisements, such as Taylor Swift, Drew Barrymore and Queen Latifah, have accepted the natural beauty state of mind and prove to the audience that CoverGirl not only appeals to all ages but also to women of all ethnicities.

This message has been displayed very successfully in CoverGirl Advertisements. After observing a CoverGirl advertisement with Drew Barrymore and comparing it to an advertisement for M.

Drew Barrymore is a respected actress and movie producer who began her Hollywood career many years ago. Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper for M. Both of these women represent beautiful for the not so average woman, this woman being a bright lipstick and intensely yellow eye shadow wearer.

When the audience sees Drew Barrymore look stunning because of a small use of nude lip-gloss, mascara and skin mousse, there is a temptation to buy the products. One of these reasons is because Barrymore is very much respected as a woman and worker.

Another is because there is softness in the image of her slightly smiling face. Lastly, because there is simplicity in the way that she has transformed into the glowing natural beauty that she is. When comparing the general structure of the two different cosmetics ads, CoverGirl displays a lighter and fresher image in order to persuade its audience and keep their appeal general.

In the CoverGirl advertisement, a bright white background surrounds Drew Barrymore with her hair loosely rolling because of some sort of wind or breeze. C advertisement, Lady sits in front of a Dark blue background without a smile on her face while Cyndi Lauper holds a cake in a trailer park on a gloomy day.

Between the two, CoverGirl is capable of appealing to a larger audience. Most women are not looking to wear bright red lipstick and metallic colored eye shadow everyday. They are looking for an easy way look beautiful but not over do it. The brightness and glow of the CoverGirl advertisement provides and angelic image to natural beauty.

In all of the CoverGirl advertisements, women are smiling or presenting the audience with a very gentle and innocent look.

A CONTENT ANALYSIS OF FOOD AND NUTRITION TELEVISION ADVERTISEMENTS by Lorraine D. Bender A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree. Rhetoric is the study of how a speaker or writer influences others. The study of rhetoric is becoming more common in college, and before asking students to use their own rhetorical strategies to persuade others, instructors sometimes require them to analyze the rhetoric of a text. The purpose of this study was to analyze advertisements in magazines targeting women readers and find the preferred type of appeals advertisers used. This study analyzed advertisements in three women's interest magazines from October to April It was found that the top three product.

Comparing that to a M. When looking at the bigger picture, CoverGirl is a company that appeals to so many diverse groups of people.

An introduction to the analysis of advertisements

Not only are the celebrities that they use beautiful in different ways and belong to certain heritages and cultures, but also their prices are affordable allowing them to be purchased by many more people than M. Both of these women have a very ethnic background. Taylor Swift, being the popular music icon that she is, brings CoverGirl extreme amounts of revenue everyday.

With the amount of diversity that CoverGirl uses in their ads, the audience gains a sense of acceptance because the products are not targeted to one particular kind of woman.

It appeals to the workingwoman, stay at home mom, young adult and teenager.

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When it comes to prices and comparing CoverGirl to M. This motto has been heard and spread to many women looking for a natural kind of beauty.

Whether this woman is a working, African American, mother or a teenager just beginning to use makeup, CoverGirl has always been able to attract audiences to its products. This sense of relation draws the audience to the CoverGirl products.

The angelic and natural beauty shown within the advertisements for the CoverGirl campaign is what women are attracted to in these ads.

The idea of such a simple and easy makeup application that creates a glow in each woman who uses it is key to the success of the advertising campaign.Advertisements essay writing introduction thesis. #happybirthdaytylerjoseph @tylerrjoseph i wrote my english essay on you, this was the best day of my life much love example of an essay analysis kpi customer satisfaction dissertation essay opinion essays genetic engineering topics?

movies essay sample upsr essay about family time nightmare novel essay writing competition kenya. PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Advertisement Analysis' - keon An Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation Creative and Brilliant Advertisements -Advertising is how a company encourages people to buy their products, -.

job analysis processes training.

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agenda. introduction to job analysis. job analysis general. In the introduction, it is important to state what the analysis will focus on. The ideas to get to the point as early as possible. The essay writer should not assume that the readers are familiar with the product. The first compilation of such advertisements was gathered in "Les Crieries de Paris", a thirteenth-century poem by Guillaume de la Villeneuve.

The late s and early s saw the introduction of cable television and particularly MTV. The "key to advertising analysis" is the .


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A CONTENT ANALYSIS OF FOOD AND NUTRITION TELEVISION ADVERTISEMENTS by Lorraine D. Bender A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree.

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