An analysis of the character victor hugo in les miserables

Jean Valjean, being an inoccent man, now being hunted by Javert.

An analysis of the character victor hugo in les miserables

A timid, shy man who nevertheless becomes a successful colonel under Napoleon.

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She still obeys him in every way, however. Father Fauchelevent A businessman in M. Fauchelevent then repays the favor by taking Valjean and Cosette into the convent, where he later works, and by giving Valjean his own name. She is mainly characterized as a melancholy woman whose life has largely passed her by.

An analysis of the character victor hugo in les miserables

Gavroche Son of the Thenardiers, who becomes a street urchin who wanders around Paris, eats what he can find, and sleeps where he can. Gavroche is a trouble-maker but ultimately kindhearted. For Hugo, he epitomizes the essential goodness of men as it can be seen even within social desperation.

Navret A friend of Gavroche. Cravatte A bandit who gives the Bishop of D an opportunity to reveal his lack of fear for robbers and murderers, and instead caution against internal sin. G A former member of the Convention with whom the Bishop has a troubling political conversation before G dies.

Gervais A small Savoyard boy from whom Valjean steals money—the last crime he commits. Felix Tholomyes A cheerful, witty, and handsome young man from the provinces, whose time in Paris is merely an adventure. Though he impregnates Fantine, he never again thinks of her and later becomes a wealthy provincial lawyer, thereby symbolizing the distinct expectations and trajectories for men and women.I was never that much into JavaScript until I was introduced to This open source JS library provides the features for dynamic data manipulation and visualization and allows users to become active participants in data visualization process.

Les Miserables study guide contains a biography of Victor Hugo, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

About Les Miserables Les Miserables Summary. dramatic, packed with rich excitement and filled with the sweep and violence of human passions, LES MISERABLES is not only superb adventure but a powerful social document.

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