Amway business plan video production

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Amway business plan video production

A new model for integrated amway business plan video production management is proposed, based on concepts of market-based strategic communication, human performance technology, business process reengineering, and a systematic method for analysis and development of communication interventions.

This article presents the theoretical basis for the model, several examples of how organizations are applying this concept, and recommendations for the development of new skills and orientations for organizational communication and training professionals.

As communication has developed in terms of both theory and practice, separate specialties and departments within organizations were created: This can lead to information overload, a loss of credibility, and wasted resources.

However, a new model for organizational communication is emerging: Grates states that the lines between communication disciplines as well as those between communication and other related types of consulting are blurring. Finally, Kreps expands on the traditional theoretical perspective of PR as being external communication-oriented to include the role of internal communication as change agents who promote increased organizational reflexivity and who are involved in organizational development.

For example, Smalley, et. However, given the current business climate, it may not be feasible for communicators to wait for three years to redirect their efforts; case studies and models for practice need to be shared and adopted rapidly so that professional communicators retain positions of value in their organizations.

Traditional models of communication practice including public relations, instructional design, and employee communications are based on a number of assumptions that are no longer valid: They do not help practitioners determine what types of problems are potentially not solvable by these interventions, nor do they incorporate the other types of support that are generally necessary for any long-term change to occur.

For example, employee communication and training systems may promote safe work practices, but if the work design and performance appraisal systems do not reinforce these messages, they are likely to be ineffective.

The traditional linear models of communication analysis and message design reflect early linear models of communication: They do not reflect the complex interplay of interpretation and negotiation among all parties in a communicative situation, nor the impact of environmental and social influences.

Traditional practice is reactive rather than proactive. These statements of satisfaction are assumed to relate to the effectiveness of an intervention in terms of organizational goals.

amway business plan video production

The model we propose for integrated communication is based upon several new approaches: The theoretical foundation for this approach is found in behavioral theories of psychology, including motivation and learning. It consists of 5 phases: This model is iterative rather than linear, and emphasizes the development of a number of alternative solutions that are selected by a process of rapid prototyping and determining optimum potential return-on-investment of time and money.

This team or person works with the client and a representative constituency of the target audience to analyze the situation and to prototype and evaluate interventions. The team may exist within one department, or may be an interdepartmental work group.

The analysis and development steps for an integrated approach are listed below: If not, are you sure that the goal is attainable? Determine cause s of the gap and identify potential solutions Did the target group ever meet the performance goal in the past?

If so, why has the performance slipped? If the target group really had to, could they exhibit the desired level of performance?

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If they could not, is it a lack of skill, or are there other barriers? Are the best performers recruited and selected for the job?

Do they understand the business and its goals and values? What are the barriers or disincentives to performing well?

What are the incentives for performing well? Could the job, work process, or environment be re-designed?A&A Business Consulting delivers our integrated services coupled with our extensive local experience to help our clients soar to new heights. ABSTRACT As business processes and management styles are changing, there is a need to change the traditional models of practice in organizational communication.

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